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MEAPsoft Concept

MEAPsoft is a program for segmenting and rearranging music audio recordings.

If your music starts out looking like this:

.. the goal of MEAPsoft is to give you the opportunity to make it look like this:

.. or even this:

MEAPsoft works by (a) segmenting original audio up into individual beats or events, (b) calculating some features for each segment, and (c) matching or rearranging segments from one or more pieces to create a new piece of music.

MEAPsoft comes with a wide and increasing range of feature extraction routines, and algorithms for matching and rearranging the segments (called "composers"). MEAPsoft is written in Java, and makes it pretty easy to write your own feature extractors and composers.

The links between the different parts of the program are via simple text files, describing the start times and durations of each segment (for the segmenter), appending a set of feature values to each line (for feature extractors), and including a target time for resynthesis (as determined by the composer). The information flow is shown below: